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The first flakes of snow are almost here and soon your business will require a reliable snow removal service provider to keep your premises safe from all the snowstorms this upcoming North York winter has prepared for you. North York winters don’t always bring us wonderful sparkling views, snowmen and a happy holidays season. If you or your business requires a high quality snow clearing service in North York, ON do not hesitate to contact us.


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Reliable Snow Clearing Services

Northview Maintenance Group Inc.northview maintenance group is a reliable snow clearing service company for your North York commercial property. We understand exactly what your property requires and we can give you the best snow clearing contract in The North York Area. We treat every client with the same respect and output, whether it be a small retail snow clearing contract or a big commercial snow removal customer. You will get the best quality snow cleaning service in North York, ON performed by our well equipped and experienced staff.  Call us now to order your snow removal service for this upcoming winter season.
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Snow Removal For All Of North York

Commercial Snow Removal

Heavy snowfall can create significant problems for your North York commercial business and retail property. Parking lots and entrances to building get blocked making it impossible for your important customers to enter. How much money have you lost because of an inadequate retail snow clearing service provider? A snow clearing contract with us will attract those valuable customers back to your beautiful property. We are confident that we will provide the best commercial snow removal service in North York, ON and the last one you’ll ever need!

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Industrial Snow Removal

Northview also provides industrial snow removal services to North York business properties that require state of the art techniques, materials, and equipment to keep their industrial property and entrances clear of snow and ice. Our snow service ensures the safety of your hard working employees and valuable customers. No matter how large your industrial property is, our snow plowing crews work with each client to mark out areas of removal, areas of snow placement and provide you with updates on the removal process during each snow fall.

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Retail Snow Removal

We provide commercial snow removal services, including retail snow clearing contracts to businesses located all across the North York Area. Thanks to our specialized and skilled snow cleaning teams, you will not have to worry about plowing snow any more. Your customers will be safe from accidental slips or falls and your business will run smoothly. If you are looking for a reliable, professional and consistent retail snow cleaning service in North York, ON, then please contact us. North York Snow Removal We are always ready to help.

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Residential Snow Removal

Are you tired of shoveling snow out of your driveway every morning just to be able to get to work on time? A snow contract with Northview will keep your residential property free of snow, so you can spend more time under a warm blanket and not have to worry about shoveling all that snow yourself every morning. Being a local North York company, we can guarantee that our snow clearing team will be at your property within hours of snowfall to shovel all the snow out of your driveway.

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A Complete Snow Cleaning Service

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Snow Plowing Parking Lots

A well maintained parking lot demonstrates pride of ownership. During the winter season we use plows, salt, sand and calcium to remove the snow and ice to keep everyone safe. Come spring, we offer street sweeping services to remove all built up residue from your parking lots, walkways and laneways.

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Snow Clearing Of Driveways

We manage millions of square feet of North York pavement every season and we treat each property as a priority. When we say, “Leave the weather to us!” we mean it. We pride ourselves in offering a safe winter environment for all North York communities, and we ensure that your snow removal needs are met with the highest standards.

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Snow Shoveling Of Sidewalks

We provide all of the snow removal services required by most businesses in the North York Area. These services include snow plowing, de-icing, snow hauling, sidewalk snow clearing, snow shoveling and many other winter maintenance services. Our quick response service will never leave you wondering where we are. When the snow starts to fall we will be there to clear the way.

Snow Removal You Can Count On

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Snow Clearing Of Walkways

North York winter by laws state that all property owners must clear their walkways, including adjacent ADA ramps, so that everyone has safe access throughout the City! Senior citizens, people with disabilities, parents with strollers, and mail carriers, just to name a few, struggle to negotiate hazardous walkways. We do our part to make our community safe and accessible for everyone.

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Snow Cleaning Of Steps

When you sign up for a seasonal agreement our management team will include your stairs, walkways and paths as part of the maintenance contract. We understand the importance getting to your facility quickly to clear the steps for your customers. With Northview your steps get immediate and constant attention throughout all North York snow emergencies.

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Snow Cleaning Of Entrances

We’re trained and experienced in snow clearing, snow plowing and de-icing entrances and walkways for North York hospitals, retail centers, shopping malls, warehouses, industrial centers and more. Our snow management team clears the way for you to conduct business while others are still digging themselves out.

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